About us

COSTAUTO srl is the result of a great passion of the automotive industry, presenting itself on the online market with new and updated ideas to the advantage of the final consumer.

It's the most organized, simple and intuitive online store selling car parts and accessories.

Finding the spare part for your car inside our store is easy, thanks to the left menu, you can choose your car and all the spare parts will be released by category. And if you should not find the part you are looking for, you can contact us by email or phone.

What distinguishes us is the seriousness, professionalism, speed and the availability that is present in all transactions both before and after the sale, to the benefit of the customer.
Since childhood, cars were part of my world, most of the games were focused on cars and from there that this passion has evolved to become what is now my job. La Costauto was founded in 2004 and is one of the first companies that use the Internet as the only sales channel, fully exploiting the potential of the network to be one of the most present stores on both ebay marketplaces and other sales channels. > The dedication and the passion combined with the trust of our customers has helped us in what has been our process of growth that is currently under way and that will never end, because it is true, we never stop learning!
We make ourselves available to the customer, to help him in the process of choosing the right spare part for his car, in advising him to avoid making unnecessary expenses just as if we were buying. For us, the main objective is customer satisfaction and trust. We are human and like everyone, we can make mistakes, but we are always available to solve any problem that mainly satisfies the customer.
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